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4 Simple Steps To Financial Security

We often get asked by our young medical and dental clients what they should be doing to work towards their financial security.

Typically, the following 4 simple strategies form an integral part of their plan:

1) Ensure you can pay off your home mortgage in approximately 10 years. Having too much non-deductible debt presents a tremendous opportunity cost.

2) Focus on cash flow management and put in place structures and mechanisms that will help you to create a surplus. Without this kind of structure you will spend more than is good for you.

3) Set up a regular investment plan, which could be superannuation and/or non-super based. Don’t leave it too late to benefit from compounding returns. Keep your costs low, minimise taxes and diversify.

4) Have a number of different strategies and investments working for you, as some will work better than others at different times, but combined they will provide you with a solid foundation.

As a doctor or dentists there is no need to over-complicate your finances.

Keep it simple, consistent and effective.

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