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Can Young Doctors/Dentists Buy A House And Invest At The Same Time?

This is a common question we get from young healthcare professionals.

Like them, you might have saved up a decent deposit, and your income will only continue to go up once you obtain your Fellowship and a Consultant position.

It’s only normal that you want to capitalise on that.

Many of our clients look to buy a house of around $700-800,000 and have saved close to $200,000 to put down a reasonable deposit (at least 10% plus costs). In addition, they can set aside some funds for emergency cash and want to invest around $50,000.

They seek our advice to make sensible decisions and set themselves up for a solid financial future.

If you have similar plans, we can assist you in the following way:

  1. Cash flow modelling to provide comfort around the fact that you will be able to pay the mortgage (with or without rooms being rented out)

  1. Advice on a suitable emergency fund

  1. Referral to a specialist finance broker to assist with the loan choice and set up (fixed vs variable, etc)

  1. Advice on and implementation of income protection, etc without commissions

  1. Advice on suitable investments

We charge a fixed fee for this service, which is very reasonable.

Please feel free to reach out via 0432 885 295 or if you wanted to discuss your personal circumstances.

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