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Dear Doctor, What Are Your Good Intentions?

Most people, I am sure this also includes many doctors, set good intentions around this time of year, but very few people actually follow through and make positive, lasting changes. One of the most common good intentions people set is around money, typically they want to start saving more.

I am sure many doctors find themselves in the same position, year after year, but then fail to make any meaningful progress. Some of the typical reasons why you might be procrastinating are:

1) A lack of time to sit down and actually look at your finances; 2) A lack of interest in managing your money; 3) A lack of financial knowledge; 4) A general distrust towards financial planners.

Whatever the reason(s), every year that you let pass, means that you will need to work that much harder to make up for lost time.

Yes, I have talked about this many times before – the fact that as a doctor you start to earn money later in life, which means that you don’t benefit as much from the power of compounding.

So what steps should you take this year, to make sure that you are no longer frustrated with the state of your finances a year from now?

1) Clarity – Get clear about your current financial position and what you need to work towards;

2) Control – Take control of your financial future by establishing your goals and the action you need to take to achieve those;

3) Confidence – Find a professional adviser who you can trust, and gain confidence in the fact that you no longer have to make difficult financial decisions on your own.

The number one benefit that my clients experience is the fact that they feel more confident, less frustrated and as if a huge weight has been lifted of their shoulders.

Helping doctors obtain better financial outcomes is what drives me every day. I would also love to make a difference in your life and would be happy to assist in one of the following ways:

1) Contact me on 08 6160 5918 or to organise an obligation-free Financial Strategy Session. This is the first step towards taking control of your financial destiny.

2) Have a look at We offer personal financial and business education courses specifically developed for Doctors. CPD points are on offer for members of selected Colleges.

I sincerely hope that 2017 is the year where you no longer delay and finally make a positive change.

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