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Did You Let Another Financial Year Slip By?

Time is money and here we are again coming up to the end of the financial year.

A perfect time to ask yourself whether you actually made some financial progress this year.

Of course, it is much easier to go through the motions, but unfortunately that will not get you very far.

You see, it is very unlikely as a doctor or dentist that you will be entitled to any major government benefits in retirement, so the onus is completely on you.

So, do you really want to leave your retirement to chance?

Let’s look at some of the financial areas that you should proactively be managing and reviewing:

  1. Superannuation:

  2. You might have multiple funds, or funds with excessive fees

  3. You might have an inappropriate investment strategy or the performance is lagging

  4. Your balance might be too low for your age

  1. Loans:

  2. Do you have excessive debt?

  3. Are you paying too much interest?

  4. Are you focused on paying off your home mortgage quicker?

  1. Investments:

  2. Do you have a strategy to build wealth outside super?

  3. Is your performance on track?

  4. Do you have sufficient diversification?

  1. Insurance:

  2. Does your cover need to be reviewed? Premiums keep going up at a rapid pace.

  1. Cash flow and tax:

  2. Are you proactively managing your tax exposure?

  3. Have you automated savings and debt repayment strategies?

  4. Do you have an emergency fund?

If that sounds complicated to you, well that’s because it is, and that is why clients prefer to work with an adviser like us.

You might feel the same way but never took it any further. Then maybe the start of yet another financial year might be the perfect time to take action.

If so, please contact me on 0432 885 295 or

I would love to help.

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