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Financial Planning For Dentists

We offer a range of financial planning services for dentists and work with clients between the ages of 25 and 70.

The type of specialist financial planning services we provide for dentists are wide-ranging:

1) Strategic Property Advice for dentists

Our clients may be looking to:

– purchase their first home or upgrade their existing home, and wonder how much they can spend;

– decide whether to buy or sell an investment property, and wonder how this will affect their current and future cash flow

Through our financial modelling we provide our dentist clients with this insight, so they can make informed financial decisions around some of the biggest investments they will ever make.

For example, we recently advised a client around selling two of their investment properties, to reduce their personal home mortgage and diversify their investments, including building their super.

For property purchasing advice we refer to specialist buyer’s agents.

2) Finance advice for dentists

An important part of financial planning for dentists is debt management advice.

– How can you pay off your mortgage more quickly? – How should your loans be structured? – Is a gearing strategy suitable?

We work with specialist finance providers for dentists, who can help source the best loan products.

3) Superannuation advice for dentists

As many dentists are contractors and thus self-employed, superannuation may not be your first priority. However, it is still a tax-effective way to save for retirement and build wealth.

If you are planning to run your own practice or are already doing so, the opportunity may arise to buy your rooms through super.

As such, financial planning advice for dentists should always consider superannuation.

4) Insurance advice for dentists

We provide our dentist clients with personal insurance advice, including:

– life – TPD – Trauma – Income protection – Business expenses – Needlestick

Where possible, we prefer to rebate commissions on new insurance policies, so we can save our clients money when trying to protect their family and loved ones.

5) Investment advice for dentists

Aside from strategic property advice, we also provide investment advice to dentists, using tax-effective structures such as family trusts and investment bonds.

Many of our young clients prefer to start investment portfolios while they are still young, to take advantage of compounding benefits.

6) Business advice for dentists

We have assisted various dentist clients with starting or purchasing their own practice. We provide them with strategic insights that relate to their personal finances, and work with other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, etc.

We encourage our clients to undertake business planning and ongoing financial reporting, to make sure they maximise their outcomes

Summary – financial planning for dentists

We offer a wide range of specialist financial planning services for dentists and would be happy to offer you a meeting at our expense.

Please contact us at 08 9381 2704 or for a private consultation. We also work with interstate clients.

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