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Have You Considered Growing Your Practice To Secure Better Income?

The Australian health care industry is undergoing rapid change and offers medical practitioners unique opportunities to generate new income streams and grow their practice.

In the next few weeks, Affluence Private Wealth is teaming up with a panel of experts to bring you our collaborative series: “Avoiding pitfalls & maximising opportunity when expanding your medical practice”.

In this series, we will highlight and assess some of the different opportunities that are relevant to you from a range of disciplines, including financial planning, tax, legal contracts, and commercial property.

Whether you are considering establishing a second practice, taking on a business partner, setting up a medical centre or you just want to explore investment options, look forward to a variety of insight and analysis from experts who work closely with medical professionals in their field.

If you would like more specific advice for your situation, contact us any time and we will get in touch to discuss your goals in more detail.

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