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Have You Optimised Your Tax Planning?

There are less than 100 days left before the end of the financial year and time is running out. What is your plan to reduce your tax prior to 30 June?

In our experience, 90% of doctors have not optimised their tax planning and are leaving money on the table. The reasons for this are simple:

– Your accountant only prepares tax returns but does not provide proactive advice; – You are not working with a medical tax specialist who understands your unique position.

Time and time again we see doctors miss out on valuable tax deductions, or worse, expose yourself to serious tax penalties due to having received incorrect tax advice.

Rather than letting another year slip by, why not take advantage of a complimentary Strategic Tax Review?

Affluence Chartered Accountants will review your personal and business tax position and provide you with an action report so you can take the first step towards optimising your tax affairs. This offer is valued at $750 and only available to the first 10 enquiries.

The meeting can be organised outside of business hours and at a location that suits you.

Affluence Chartered Accountants specialise in working with medical professionals and are able to offer a full suite of medical tax and accounting services.

Please contact Mitchell Walmsley on 9381 2704 or to book your Strategic Tax Review.

Yves Schoof is an owner of Affluence Chartered Accountants.

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