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How can doctors save tax and pay off their mortgage faster?

In a previous article, we have already established that the main frustration for many doctors is paying too much tax. We also highlighted 3 strategies to build wealth and save tax. You can read this article by clicking HERE.

However, there is one additional strategy that can help doctors save tax and also pay off their mortgage faster. It involves the use of an offset account.

What is an offset account?

Offset loans allow you to use your mortgage as your cash hub. This means that you have one account into which you can direct all of your income, and also draw your living expenses out of, by using a credit card, EFTPOS or ATM withdrawals. Typically, your mortgage repayments would also come out of this account.

The funds in the account offset your mortgage loan balance (usually dollar for dollar).

How can an offset help doctors save tax and pay off their mortgage faster?

Instead of earning interest, any money you have in your offset account works to offset the interest you are paying on your home loan.

For example: You have a mortgage of $500,000 at a 5% interest rate. You also have a practice savings account with $50,000 earning 2.5%.

You would incur interest on your $500,000 mortgage at 5% or $25,000 p.a. You would earn interest of $1,250 p.a. on $50,000 but will also pay tax on that interest. Your net result (assuming tax at 49%): a $24,360 interest cost.

However, if the $50,000 was held in an offset account against your mortgage, you would only incur interest on $450,000 which is $22,500 p.a. You would not earn any interest on your savings account.

Your net result: interest costs of $22,500 representing $1,860 of savings compared to the first scenario. Every mortgage repayment you make will also repay more principal when funds are sitting in the offset account. You could potentially shave years off your mortgage repayment.

How can doctors take advantage of this strategy?

Many doctors in private practice only pay tax quarterly. In that time, significant funds may accrue in the practice account. Depending on the advice of your tax accountant, you may be able to ‘park’ those funds in the offset account against your mortgage. You will not only save interest, but also save tax and pay off your mortgage faster. Three powerful outcomes for doctors.

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