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How Financial Modelling Can Help You Make Smart Decisions

Don’t we all wish we had a crystal ball?

Well, we have something that comes pretty close to that.

As part of your financial planning process for our doctor and dentist clients, we undertake detailed financial modelling.

Based on the information you provide about your current and expected future circumstances, we can give you a glimpse into your financial future.

For our clients, we model scenarios such as:

  1. What sort of house/mortgage you can afford and how quickly you can repay it; this is important to understand as it is probably the biggest financial decision you will ever make;

  1. Can you afford private school fees and if you want to save for it, how much should you set aside every month?

  1. When will you be in a position to reduce your work hours/retire?

  1. What sort of lifestyle will you be able to afford in retirement?

  1. How will starting private practice affect your financial future?

  1. And so many more

We offer this type of modelling as part of our comprehensive advice process, but can also provide it on a one-off basis at a fixed fee.

The modelling output includes:

  1. Year by year cash flow analysis

  2. Debt repayment graph

  3. Wealth accumulation graph

  4. Super projections

  5. Etc

Please contact me on 0432 885 295 or for further details or to book your session.

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