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How The Wealthy Invest Differently At Times Of High Uncertainty

We are still in very uncertain territory when it comes to the share market. The recovery from the stock market losses was very swift and many people are now pondering their options.

It might therefore be interesting to reflect on how High Net Worth investors approach times like this.

Some of the research indicates that:

  1. HNW investors are more likely to be actively engaged in managing their investment portfolios and to consider a more aggressive strategy amid the wild market volatility.

  1. HNW investors are much more likely than the mass affluent investors to seek risk. This perhaps partly explains why there are a lot more HNW investors than mass affluent investors who have bought the share market dip.

You can read the article and research here

Now the level of investment risk you are prepared to take, can be influenced by a wide range of factors, such as:

  1. Your timeframe for investment

  2. Your financial resources and ability to absorb a loss

  3. Your investment experience

  4. Etc

It is therefore important to consider your own personal circumstances and develop your own investment strategy.

You should also note that market timing and finding the perfect buying opportunity is near impossible. You have to get started as some point, just make sure it is the right time for you.

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