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How To Have A Better Chance Of Achieving Your Goals

The start of a New Year provides is the traditional time for us to review our lives and set new goals for our health, finances, jobs and relationships.

But unfortunately these big resolutions, made with the best of intentions, don’t always work out. Why is that?

One problem, say psychologists, is we often overlook the importance of mindset.

Instead of setting ourselves up for failure with impossible goals, we could learn from the past, be clear about what we value and accept we’re never going to be perfect.

To help you fulfil this year’s resolutions, I wanted to share with you 3 interesting articles. I hope you find some value in them.

Click on the titles to read the articles.

After 2020, many people are entering 2021 with high expectations. Optimism provides a powerful opportunity to change your behaviour for the better, whether it’s your finances or relationships. But, according to Yale psychologist Laurie Santos, the best changes are often more about mindset than external circumstances.

You can make your New Year’s resolutions more effective if you spend some time learning from your experiences last year. And as we all know, 2020 provided plenty of lessons. Writer Mark Manson asked 1300 people on his mailing list what the biggest lessons of last year were for them. Their responses may surprise you.

After environmental disasters, the pandemic, social division and recession, many of us enter the New Year with a sense of trepidation. But in forming resolutions, reflecting on the positives may help shake you out of a negative mindset. Here from Wired magazine are 20 things that made the world a better place last year.

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