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Is The Key To Your Financial Freedom An Envelope?

The number one reason why medical and dental professionals work with us, is to seize control of their cash flow and make financial progress.

They, like you perhaps, realise, that there is a tremendous opportunity cost in wasting time and money when you are young.

If you want to be financially independent by your mid-50’s (i.e. being able to choose how much you work), then you have no time to waste.

I have talked about the idea of paying yourself first several times, including about setting up several offset/savings accounts to structure your cash flow.

So when I came across this articled, I thought you might be interested by this old-fashioned, yet novel approach to manage your cash flow.

‘I know now that if you are not tracking and measuring your money, you are in oblivion…’

This is easily the most important sentence in this article.

To read more, click HERE.

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