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Quality Over Quantity

As I am getting close to celebrating my third year since founding Affluence Private, I have reached a critical stage in the business.

Do I want to grow Affluence much bigger or do I focus on enhancing my existing client relationships and level of service?

The choice was easy: I never went into business to grow a multi-million dollar firm.

The quality and depth of the relationships I have with my clients, and the level of service we provide has and always will come first.

In their quest for growth, I have seen too many other advisers go off-track and loose sight of what matters most: our clients.

What does this mean?

We have always been selective when taking on new clients, to make sure there is a great fit.

Over the next 9-12 months we will continue to engage with new client families, but my expectation is that from 2019 we will start to put in place a waiting list for new clients.

I am sure you will understand and support this decision, as bigger is definitely not better when it comes to providing financial advice.

If you have any questions or would like to engage with us, please contact me directly on 0432 885 295 or

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