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Refurbish Or Rebrand Your Medical Practice?

As part of our collaborative series ‘Avoiding pitfalls & maximising opportunity when expanding your medical practice’, we look at a common question medical practitioners ask when moving to a new location: is it better to develop a brand new centre or to refurbish and rebrand an existing medical practice?

While each situation is unique and requires specialised advice, this article by property investment advisors Momentum Wealth, touches on three common issues that require consideration, including: – Council zoning and requirements; – Cost-effectiveness and feasibility of each strategy and; – The possibility of inheriting a positive or negative reputation of an existing practice

Click HERE to read the article as well as access an exclusive download of the most recent commercial property market update by Momentum Wealth’s research division.

If you would like to discuss your personal situation, please contact us on 08 6160 5918 or

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