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Should Doctors and Dentists Consider Sustainable/Ethical Investment?

There is a clear movement, in particular with the younger generations, towards ethical and sustainable investment.

In essence it means that you apply a ‘filter’ to your investments. This filter can be positive, i.e. you seek to invest in companies that demonstrate sustainable management practices and environmental policies.

The filter can also be negative: you avoid investment in tobacco companies for example, or businesses that cause harm to the environment.

Most large superannuation funds now have a sustainable investment policy they adhere to, and they would offer at least one ethical investment option.

These options typically have a higher investment management cost, as they are more actively managed. This does not necessarily lead to poorer returns, as many ethical and sustainable funds post high(er) returns.

As with any investment decision, you should do your research and make sure the risks you take are aligned with your risk tolerance and your investment timeframe.

You can read some further information HERE to get you started.

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