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Should Doctors And Dentists Have Insurance In Super?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the downside of holding insurance in super.

The government, and many financial commentators, feel that insurance premiums are draining people’s retirement funding.

This is definitely a significant factor to consider when reviewing the ownership options for your insurance policies.

The following article also makes some interesting points: read it HERE

However, in this blog, I wanted to make a few other points for you to consider:

– Doctors and Dentists should always favour Own occupation TPD cover over Any occupation cover. Quite simply because you have specific skills that determine your high income-earning capacity.

You cannot hold own occupation cover in super, but you can still implement a split structure, with part of the cover owned in super.

– Income protection provides a better tax deduction in your own name and the policy features in super will be restricted due to the superannuation legislation.

– Medical professionals’ cash flow should allow them to fund their policies from personal funds rather than super. The aim should be to maximise your super contributions for wealth creation purposes.

– Many advisers, like us, now prefer to rebate insurance commissions, leading to lower premiums (by about 30%). This makes it more affordable to hold cover in your personal name.

– Finally, stop seeing insurance as a cost, and rather see it as an investment. Would you think twice about paying your medical indemnity cover?

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