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The future of medicine: how doctors can turn disruption into opportunity in 2016

The start of a new year is the ideal time for some reflection, and to ask ourselves: What is the future of medicine in 2016? There is no doubt that medicine is facing many different disruptional forces: cuts in healthcare budgets, uncertainty regarding employment, competitive forces, technology, a ‘power’ shift towards the patient…

However, while some doctors might feel overwhelmed or even threatened by these changes, now is the ideal time to take control and seize the opportunity.

In this article I will discuss two opportunities where major disruption is underway.


It has been said that people nowadays carry a ‘doctor in their pocket’. The smartphone definitely has many uses, and there are apps for areas such as cardiology and dermatology to name only a few.

However, how are you using this technology to make your practice more efficient and to enhance the patient experience? If you are not asking these questions, you will be left behind.

Have a look at this TEDx video for some reflection and inspiration on how far technology has come in the field of medicine.

Patient experience

It could be said that the power in the doctor-patient relationship is shifting more and more towards the patient. Indeed, patients are willing to access healthcare services outside of the traditional face-to-face model for example, in search of convenience and cost-savings.

Likewise, patients use the power of ‘Google’ to research their potential care providers, and there are many blogs discussing the patient experience with certain obstetricians for example. We all assume/believe medical professionals are extremely competent in the level of care they provide, but the manner in which this happens, in the content of your practice and staff, is becoming more relevant.

Have a look at this TEDx video for some ideas on how you can improve the overall patient ‘experience.


The future of medicine looks bright. I believe this is the time where doctors can become thought-leaders and turn challenges into opportunities.

Make 2016 the year in which you propel your practice and your personal fortunes forward.

I know I am committed to making this the year where I assist more medical professionals make the most of their personal and practice finances. To your success.

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