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The Role We Play For our Doctor & Dentist Clients

I thought it would be worth spending a bit of time explaining the role we play for our clients.

Please find below some thoughts.

We provide the greatest amount of value when we can position ourselves at the centre of your financial universe.

The more we know about you and your family, your professional and personal aspirations, the better we can serve you.

We work with your existing service providers and advisers, or can help you source a new team of professionals.

We analyse every aspect of your tax and financial position and seek to optimise it where possible.

We focus on your cash flow management, as we know this holds the key to your financial success. Structure drives outcomes.

We help you make difficult decisions, based on facts and not emotions, but will equally stop you from making decisions that we don’t believe are right.

We support you when you embark on new adventures, such as starting private practice, and help you manage risk.

We are there when you need us and always aim to get back to you in a matter of hours, at the very latest.

We are very selective in terms of who we work with and have almost reached our capacity in terms of clients we wish to serve.

If you would like to find out more about how we may be able to assist you, please contact me at

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