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The Value Of Financial Advice For Doctors

In case you are wondering how doctors can benefit from financial advice, I just wanted to share with you some recent outcomes we achieved for our clients.

1) Medical specialist in their early 60’s

We became the appointed adviser for our client’s personal insurance policies, switched off all ongoing commissions and saved the client $10,700 p.a. in premiums. We also cancelled unnecessary cover in various super funds and saved a further $2,000 p.a.

We consolidated various superannuation funds for the client and their spouse and saved $6,500 p.a. in fees.

In addition, we will provide the client with comprehensive advice around their retirement planning and superannuation strategies (saving a further net $13,000+ p.a. in tax), cash flow management and debt repayment, as well as investment and estate planning.

Finally, we will also assist with business planning for a new private practice with multiple partners and provide access to our network of trusted medical service providers.

2) Young medical and dental clients

We have been working with quite a number of young medical and dental clients, including interstate. Typically, the advice areas are the same:

– planning around a property purchase (first home or investment); – mortgage structuring and repayment advice; – optimising cash flow through goal setting and financial modelling; – family protection; – superannuation and investment.

We are able to save our clients thousands in insurance premiums by rebating commissions, and provide them with the clarity they need to confidently plan their financial future.

If you are a doctor or dentist and would like to achieve better financial outcomes, then contact us for your free initial Strategy Session. We are based in Perth but work with clients all over Australia.

Call 08 6160 5918 or email

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