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Who Are Our Clients?

I thought you might find it useful to understand who we work with, and what their reasons are for seeking advice.

It is obvious that we work with Medical/dental professionals, but below are some further details:

  1. Typically they are aged between 35-49

  1. They have a young family

  1. They want to plan for private school fees and/or university fees

  1. They are building 1stgeneration wealth, and want to build a better future for their family

  1. As such, they have a strong desire to make the most of their money

  1. They want someone to give them direction, financial guidance and advice, and that ‘someone’ needs to have the following characteristics:

  2. The relationship is built on trust

  3. They charge their fees the right way, i.e. no commissions

  4. They do not want to be sold products

  5. They want someone that really understands them and their challenges

  1. Our clients are happy to take advice and pay for it, and typically they prefer a one-stop shop. They want to work with experts and expect a high level of service, that is both responsive and proactive

  1. Our clients do not want to work until they drop dead, and strive to achieve financial independence by their mid-50’s. Balance in life is essential for them.

  1. They are analytical and time-poor, so they want the facts, to enable them make smart financial decisions. They want to understand how their decisions affect their life, and want to examine all the options.

  1. Most of our clients are interested in starting or growing their private practice, partly because they have to, as there are less public contracts on offer. For some this presents a challenging environment, with less private healthcare patients perhaps going forward.

  1. Many doctors and dentists carry high levels of debt and have no real plan to repay this.

  1. They face cash flow pressures due to:

  2. School fees

  3. Single income

  4. Mortgages

  5. Lifestyle expectations

 If you are a doctor or dentist and this sounds like you, then please feel. Free to reach out to discuss your financial needs and concerns.

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