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Why Doctors And Dentists Often Get Bad Advice

It is incredibly frustrating.

Too many doctors and dentists I meet have received inappropriate advice.

As a result, they don’t achieve the goals that really matter to them. Worst case, they suffer serious financial setbacks.

I have seen it all.

Capitalising interest on investment properties, falling property values…you get the picture.

Incorrect tax structures, exposing the client to penalties and prosecution by the tax office.

The sale of ‘tax-effective’ schemes, leading to financial losses in the millions…yes millions.

How does this happen, you ask?

1) Too many (big) advisory groups still focus on selling products (loans, insurance, investments) rather than advice, and rely on commissions to get paid

2) Too many of these groups also see property still as the Holy Grail of investment for medical professionals

3) Too many focus on saving tax as the ultimate goal, at whatever other cost

4) None of these deliver what doctors/dentists really need – cash flow advice, and a strategic, individual plan

Are you looking for a different kind of advice? The kind that is focused on you, and your financial outcomes, rather than someone else’s?

Then contact me to discuss this in more detail. You can call me on 08 9381 2704 or email me at

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