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Why Doctors Are Putting Off Retirement

Based on an article in the Medical Journal of Australia in March 2017, many older doctors are putting off retirement for reasons of financial security. In fact, more than 50% of the respondents to the survey listed their financial position as a factor influencing the timing of their retirement.

The article goes on to say that in particular self-employed doctors (specifically GP’s), can find it challenging to maintain a financial situation that enables them to build wealth for retirement.

The conclusion of the article is that doctors need to obtain financial advice early on in their career, particularly if they are self-employed.

These findings absolutely corroborate my experience in working with many doctors.

Without the safety net of employer superannuation contributions, many medical professionals in private practice simply do not focus enough on building wealth for retirement.

Cash flow pressures due to high living expenses, school fees and mortgage repayments make it seem impossible to build wealth.

But you have come to the right address, because I have made it my mission to work with medical families like yours, to make sure that you can retire on your own terms.

I help you optimise your finances and map out a personal plan that is based on your cash flow, your goals and circumstances.

By creating a prioritised set of goals, and a cash flow structure that will enable you to achieve these goals, you will feel both empowered and accountable.

Together we will find the surplus cash flow that you so badly need. And I promise you that I will give you Clarity, Confidence and Control around your financial future.

Call me on my personal mobile anytime on 08 9381 2704 to start your journey towards financial security today.

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