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Why Many Doctors Are Scraping By on $500,000 p.a.

The number one issue young doctor families struggle with is cash flow management.

The cash flow pressures of often just being on one income, making the mortgage repayments, funding school fees and trying to save for retirement are very real for many young doctors and their families. This can lead to significant financial stress, as I referred to in this article.

In this week’s infographic we have illustrated a fairly typical doctor family and their cash flow commitments. As you will notice, tax takes a big chunk out of your cash flow, as do mortgage repayments.

We can assist you with taking control of your cash flow, by:

– establishing your funding priorities – analysing your existing cash flow – making recommendations on how to use your cash flow more effectively – continuing to work with you to refine your cash flow strategies

We offer some very cost-effective advice services for young doctor families and work with clients all over Australia, so feel free to contact us on 08 6160 5918 or

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