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Why Medical Professionals Need A Medical Finance Broker

In our work with medical clients we often need to refer to medical finance brokers. Over time, we have built a team of medical finance specialists we can call on whenever our clients need assistance with funding, new loans and loan restructures.

We have found tremendous benefits in working closely with medical finance specialists.

Some of the benefits our clients have recently achieved:

– interest savings of close to $3,500 p.a. on a simple home loan refinance – our client knew she was paying too much but simply didn’t have the time to shop around; she will also be able to consolidate some more expensive debt into the loan and pay it off quicker; the loan will offer multiple offset accounts, which will help streamline her savings strategies;

– funding for a brand new dental practice at very favourable terms (rates and repayment period);

– restructure of interest only property investment loans to principal and interest, saving the client over 1% in interest rates.

In all these case studies we worked very closely with the specialist finance broker, to save our clients time and project manage this for them.

If you require any strategic advice around your loans and debt management, such as:

– accelerated home loan repayment, – geared investments, – borrowing through super (to buy your rooms), – setting up or purchasing a practice, – expanding your practice – debt consolidation and/or restructure

then contact us today on 08 9381 2704 or email me at

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