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Why Young Doctors Seek Our Advice

It is very encouraging to see how many young doctors seek our advice. The issues they face and the answers they seek are very similar, as you would expect.

In this article I will discuss how we assist young doctors with their financial planning and what benefits they gain from engaging with us.

1) Property

Many young doctors seek advice when buying their first home, which will often be an investment property.

There is no doubt that buying your first property is a critical financial decision, and the level of debt you incur in the process can materially shape your financial future. As it is typically also a stepping stone to a more expensive home, you cannot afford to buy a ‘dud’.

Through financial modelling and scenario testing we assist your young doctor clients with making an informed purchasing decision, and refer them to our trusted service providers such as lawyers, buyer’s agents and finance brokers.

2) Cash flow and discipline

Many young doctors have excellent savings habits and have been able to accumulate significant savings. They understand that their income is their biggest asset and want to maximise their wealth creation opportunities from a young age.

We assist them in optimising the effectiveness of their cash flow by implementing savings, investment and debt reduction strategies.

3) Wealth Protection

Young doctors are acutely aware that they are not immune from illness or accidents, and want to protect their income earning capacity and family’s lifestyle.

Implementing cash flow effective personal insurance (including by way of rebated commissions, resulting in reduced premiums) becomes the foundation for long-term wealth protection.

4) Planning and wealth creation

The overarching goal for young doctors seeking our advice is to implement a plan for the future and to establish a long-term relationship with a specialist adviser who understands their unique circumstances. The fact that we can draw on years of experience in working with other doctors makes our advice very relevant and effective.

The next step for young doctors

If you are a young doctor and have been thinking about seeking advice, or if you want to be more proactive about planning your financial future, book your complimentary Strategy Session today by calling 08 6160 5918 or email

We have very cost-effective and transparent service packages for young doctors.

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