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Young Medical Professional Case Study

We work with many young medical and dental professionals who want to achieve more with their money, and want to make sure they are maximising their planning opportunities.

This work is extremely rewarding, as we can set young couples and families on the right path and help secure their financial future.

I wanted to share with you the outcomes of a recent client engagement.

This client earned around $200,000 and had an existing home and mortgage. They had no real structure to their cash flow or debt repayment and were not actively contributing to super. They had no insurance or estate planning in place.

They wanted to achieve more with their income and realised they needed a better structure and financial plan.

Here is what we implemented and what we achieved:

– Through our financial modelling we stress-tested all their financial goals, such as going on an extended holiday, saving for their wedding, upgrading their home, starting a family

– We helped structure their cash flow, so they are actively saving towards these goals and combined this with more effective debt repayment, through different offset accounts against their main mortgage

– We referred them to a finance specialist who helped them save close to 1% p.a. in interest rates or approximately $4,000 p.a. after-tax; in the process they paid off some high-interest debts

– We put in place comprehensive insurance, with full rebate of commissions, saving $1700 p.a. compared to normal premiums

– We helped them put in place cost-effective estate planning documents and a loan agreement to document a family loan

– We recommended super contributions to build wealth and save tax (over $3,000 p.a.)

This is just one example of a recent client engagement. If you would like to find out how we can help you, why not book your obligation-free introduction meeting?

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