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Your Financial Future – What Really Matters

Want to know what really matters when thinking about your financial future?

The following 2 points should be your priorities.

1. Holistic planning

Many people believe their financial future will be dictated their investment returns. If only we could beat the market, find that one small cap that delivers a twenty-fold return.

But what about the rest of your financial life? You have careers, homes, insurance policies, loans, tax bills and estate plans, all of which also deserve your attention.

How do all these financial pieces fit together?

Most doctors and dentists don’t consider their financial position from such a holistic viewpoint. Yet for your patients you prepare a holistic treatment plan!

The core focus of your financial plan should be your cash flow, how to grow it and how to apply it.

As a doctor or a dentist this would provide you with the greatest leverage to create wealth.

Imagine establishing a successful private practice. Wouldn’t that be a better use of your time (and investment) as opposed to worrying about the stock market?

A holistic plan centred around your goals will help you focus and achieve tangible outcomes that will drive your financial future. This is what we do for our clients every day.

2. Action

We all have a pretty good idea of what we should be doing with our money—hey, we just need to google it to find out.

However, the real issue is getting ourselves to implement what we know is right.

There is a reason those New Year’s resolutions rarely survive the month of January.

Just as we struggle to quit smoking, eat less and exercise more, we find it difficult to control our spending and overcome our own inertia and get the estate planning documents and insurance policies we need.

Information or knowledge, by itself, is not enough. Instead, the real battle is to change our financial behaviour and to take action.

That is why we find ourselves playing a big role in the implementation phase of your financial plan. This ranges from consolidating super funds, setting up savings plans, establishing insurance and estate planning solutions, connecting you with a finance specialist to review your loans.

We literally hound you until the required action has been taken. On your own this will be very difficult to achieve.


So, creating the financial future you want is in essence really simple:

1) Make a plan 2) Implement it

Yet, many doctors and dentists never achieve this, due to a lack of time and/or knowledge, due to the complexity of their situation.

If you would like to make meaningful changes to your finances and need some help, please contact us.

We are expert financial advisers for doctors and dentists.

You can call me directly on 0432 885 295 or email

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